IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTINUE WITHOUT RENEWAL (the new challenges of the legal profession)

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IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTINUE WITHOUT RENEWAL (the new challenges of the legal profession)

That change is a constant dynamic in nature is a conclusion to which the poet Heraclitus of Ephesus was immortalized more than 25 centuries ago. However, despite the fact that history is replete with examples of the human capacity to adapt to new circumstances, the philosopher would have found it hard to imagine the great speed at which we are advancing.

As the storm "Sars Cov 2" dissipates, it seems time to take stock, without our leading role making it possible to detach ourselves from the connotations of the human and social drama we have been facing, if we are in a position to understand the scope of its most immediate consequences.

In this context, the legal profession is experiencing an authentic revolution especially in the provision of advisory services, business and team management.

The figure of the traditional office with "local" coverage, which seemed almost immovable, has been altered by the new distancing practices and the implementation of video conference meetings, which have revealed the benefits of saving time, travel, office space and personnel.

In our case, as legal advisors in transportation and international tradeIn addition to our commitment to the promotion and digital provision of services, we have had to assume the new conditions and needs of the market, conditioned by a dramatic and generalized increase in transport prices and a lack of cargo space,

Ocean freight rates reached 140% higher than in 2019, this has led to an increase in the operating costs of companies, and is resulting in an inflationary process that will end up being borne by the pockets of the "average consumer" like you and me.

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This increase in costs is by no means accidental, but has as its main causes:

1ª. Stoppage of fleets for the installation of scrubbers required to comply with IMO 2000 regulations (30% of the world fleet).

2ª. Application of the "Black sailings" clauses inserted in the Bills of Lading ( Bl 's), by virtue of which the actual carrier may vary its route and date of arrival, without penalty of any kind.

3ª. Lack of containers boosted by the increase of Asia and USA routes as well as an increase in the demand for services favored by the boost of digital shopping.

4ª.Infrastructure stoppages and detentions at customs.

5. Brexit (U.K. generates 8% of Spanish exports).

This situation has led to an increase in our interventions in claims for delays and non-compliance in delivery, an increase in the number of consulting interventions for the resolution of customs incidents and files, and an increase in the contracting of services related to risk analysis and contract preparation..

This is an opportunity to project our profession into the global marketplace. digitalization, the company is committed to the use of language facilities, to outsourcing and internationalization, and to reducing costs in offices and offices.

The statement of our favorite pre-Socratic, "nothing in this world is constant except change and becoming" reminds us that we must adapt to new circumstances in order to survive, to earn a decent living and, especially, to fulfill our main task as lawyers; providing value, security and well-being to society.


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